Oakland Sheriffs Recover $190K, Along with Meth, LSD, MDA & More in Huge Drug Bust

In an epic drug bust that took place at the Oakland International Airport, local authorities confiscated $190,920 in cash, along with a wide-ranging variety of narcotics.

It’s being reported that the drugs were initially discovered by a K9 named Luna, who helped the police recover 86.8 grams of ketamine, 3.5 pounds of meth, 1.2 pounds of MDA, 1.66 pounds of LSD, 39.5 grams of marijuana, and 147 grams of pressed pills. If those drugs infiltrated the streets of Oakland, they could have potentially killed a mass amount of people.

Although the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department revealed the details of the findings from their drug bust, they have yet to announce any perpetrators who were connected to the crime scene.

Hit the link below, for more on this development.

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