A$AP Rocky has shared a first look of what appears to be a new music video featuring Rihanna, and we are not OK.

The rapper took to social media to share a teaser of the project, which is unclear whether Rihanna will only make an appearance or actually sing. What we do know, though, is this project involves footage from those viral balcony photos shot of the couple last summer. The clip also shows paparazzi footage of Rocky and Riri over the years.

The last time the couple collaborated on a project together was on Rocky’s “Fashion Killa” released in 2013. Though at the time they were friends, Rihanna played Rocky’s love interest in the music video. Additionally, he manifested his current life with the mom-to-be. In the song he sings, “Her attitude Rihanna/She get it from her mama” and “Versace, got a lot, but she may never wear it/But she save it so our babies will be flyer than their parents.”

So far, Rocky’s upcoming project seems like it could be similar to “Fashion Killa.” Though, right now there’s no way to know since Rihanna did recently reveal she plans on putting music out eventually.

Based on a movie poster-esque cover art, the song looks like it’s titled “A Ghetto Love Tale” or “D.M.B.,” which stands for “Dats Mah Bitch.” The project is slated to drop on May 5.

Check out the cover art here and watch the teaser clip below.

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