GRUESOME DISCOVERY ‘Highly decomposed’ body found wrapped in a blanket under debris in a ‘hoarder’s room’ by workers cleaning home

A HIGHLY decomposed body has been found wrapped in a blanket inside a hoarder’s room, police have said.

The rotting corpse was discovered by a contractor at an unoccupied home in Staten Island, New York on Tuesday.

Cops described the location where the body was found as a “hoarder’s room”.

It was discovered under a mess of debris in the home, a police source told SI Advance.

The New York Police Department said: “Upon arrival, officers observed an individual lying unconscious and unresponsive inside the location.”

The gender of the body hasn’t been identified as investigations continue.

It’s not known how the person died or how long the body has been inside the property.

George Almodovar, who owns the house, believes the corpse may be that of a squatter.

He said he doesn’t know how they ended up inside the two-story property.

The homeowner told the New York Daily News that it’s empty and currently undergoing renovation works.

He said: “He obviously must have taken down the board to get in. He was not allowed there.”

Almodovar, who now lives in Florida, revealed that he and his ex-wife are trying to short sale the home.

The shocking find comes just weeks after authorities in Irvine, California discovered the severely decomposing bodies of three family members in a $2million mansion.

Karina Poirier, 55, and Serge Poirier, 63, were found alongside an adult male at the property on April 6.

Cops were conducting a welfare check when they made the discovery after relatives told the Canadian authorities that they had not heard from the family for more than a year, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Coroners are using the DNA of the adult male to positively identify him.

The bodies may have been in the home unreported for up to 18 months, according to police.

Police said at the time that the bodies were so decomposed that trying to confirm their identities was “proving difficult”.

Officers said that a gun was recovered inside the house and revealed there were no signs of forced entry.

And, in January, cops discovered Brent Shapiro’s badly decomposing body among piles of trash inside his Brooklyn apartment.

The 84-year-old died of arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease, medical examiners told The Daily News.

Cops told the outlet at the time that Shapiro had been dead for about two months when they found his body.

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