Ari Fletcher Responds to Backlash for Allegedly Bringing Her Son To The Club

The issues between G Herbo and Ari Fletcher have found the two responding to each other about the parenting of their son Yosohn. Their issues recently found Ari Fletcher accusing Herbo’s fianceé of hurting their son, a claim that has been denied by the rapper. Since then, footage has surfaced of Ari Fletcher with her son and family in what appears to be a club.

A concerned person took to GoFundMe and made a page saying, “Give [G Herbo] Full Custody of Yosohn!” The social media star clapped back at the GoFundMe during an IG Live session, saying, “It wasn’t a f**king club,” before referencing the GoFundMe, saying, “Sign that petition, do what you need to do.” Fletcher didn’t stop there, though, taking a jab at G Herbo. “How you gonna get a petition to voluntarily give my baby to somebody who ain’t even asking for him?” said Ari. Watch above.

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