Many consider Jay-Z one of the most legendary rappers in the hip-hop world and there are many good reasons for that. On top of his musical prowess, Hov is also a smart businessman and is worth over a billion dollars for good reason. He also confronted A$AP Rocky over one of his lines.

An interview with Cristal’s managing director Frédéric Rouzaud back in 2006 ended up launching a boycott that led to the birth of Jay-Z’s champagne brand, Ace of Spades.

Cristal has been promoted in songs, music videos, and their special events and eventually, many rappers boycotted Cristal along with Jay-Z. Ace of Spades is direct competition for Cristal but Rocky didn’t seem to know that.

While speaking on Drink Champs, A$AP Rocky recalled a bar he wrote concerning Cristal and Ace of Spades, being oblivious to the fact that Jay-Z owned Ace of Spades. He claimed that Jay-Z confronted him over the line as well.

“When I first came out, I’m like, ‘Cristal by the cases, maybe that was racist, I would prefer the Aces, ain’t no different when you taste it.’ Like, I ain’t know Hov—I ain’t know Jay owned Ace of Spades!

Nah, he saw some lil’ A$AP n*ggas back in the day. He seen like, A$AP Bari and them, he called them to the side and was like, ‘Yo, come here. Let me holla at y’all,’” the rapper continued as he laughed through the story. Rocky was surprised Jay was even aware of the track as it was early in his career.

“He was like, ‘So, your mans. What’s up with that line?’ ‘Cause I might’ve said some crazy sh*t like “sip Cris and f*ck Ace,’ I didn’t know it was owned by [Jay].” He said Jay-Z explained that Cristal was “racist” and “don’t really support us.”

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are expecting their first child, and he is busier with that. He also claimed that Travis Scott stole his whole style. All that doesn’t even consider the pending charges over ASAP Rock’s head. Thankfully, Jay-Z and Rocky didn’t end up having beef that went too far.

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