New video has surfaced from the Chrisean Rock incident … and it’s even more dramatic than we initially thought.

Drama Alert posted a lot of different angles of the action — and you can see the pistol-whipping the CR was referring to in the aftermath … it looks absolutely brutal. You can also see more of the fight and how exactly it broke … although it’s still unclear what sparked it.

Chrisean Rock’s stint on a popular speed-dating show ended abruptly after an armed assailant crashed the set — and the shocking attack was caught all on camera.

On Tuesday night, Chrisean was in Atlanta when she was scheduled to appear on a new show called “20 Vs. 1” … a series where the contestant picks from 20 different candidates. The scary moment unfolded as they were filming … with the footage cutting to an armed man assaulting another man on the set with a firearm, this after a brief scuffle on set.

The freakiest part comes next … onlookers nearby appear to have convinced the masked man not the pull the trigger after he overpowered his target and had them pinned on the ground. Watch … you can see that he appears to be carrying two firearms, and he has them drawn and pointed at the guy on the ground.

CR immediately went live on Instagram to tell her followers she survived some “crazy, weird sh*t” … no argument there. She also took credit for the lack of bullets — allegedly preventing 4 people from being shot

Her live stream pissed off her brother Petey but she claimed it was for both of their safety — got to document the evidence at all costs.

NoLuvMar, the series creator also vowed the truth will be revealed … he still plans on putting the wild video out on his channel, and he says a lot of assumptions about what happened will be proven wrong

Another crazy day in the life of Chrisean … and her baby daddy’s is just as dramatic.

Remember, Cardi B said there’s another way for Chrisean that doesn’t involve so many theatrics … here’s hoping she listens up and surrounds herself with good people.

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