Rick Ross Responds To Drake: Listen To His Diss Track
Rozay wasted absolutely no time in returning fire.

The recent diss track released by Rick Ross in response to Drake has caused quite a stir in the music industry. Rozay wasted no time in crafting a response to Drake’s shots, sending a clear message that he is not one to be messed with. The track, titled “Champagne Problems,” includes jabs at Drake, claiming he got a nose job and sent a cease and desist to French Montana, leading to their social media fallout.

The diss track has sparked a flurry of reactions online, with fans and critics alike weighing in on the beef between the two artists. Despite their history of collaboration and support for each other, it seems that things have turned sour between Drake and Rick Ross. While there are some subtle attacks and subs sprinkled throughout the track, it is primarily filled with Rozay’s signature luxury raps.

It’s interesting to note that as of now, no one else has responded to Drake’s leaked diss track besides Rick Ross. However, fans have been speculating about potential subtle responses from other artists. This ongoing narrative is likely to continue for months, if not years, as fans eagerly await any further developments in this rap beef..

Rick Ross’ Drake Response Diss: Listen (In Part)

Rozay’s Previous Hints

The release of Rick Ross’ response track has prompted discussions about the future of their dynamic as collaborators. Will they be able to move past this beef and return to their previous camaraderie? Only time will tell. In the meantime, fans can continue to follow this unfolding drama and stay updated on the latest news in the hip-hop world.

In conclusion, the diss track by Rick Ross in response to Drake has ignited a firestorm of controversy and speculation within the music industry. The back-and-forth between the two artists has captivated fans and critics alike, with many eagerly awaiting each new development. As the drama continues to unfold, one thing is for certain – this rap beef is far from over.

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