It Takes Two” is a song by New York hip hop duo @robbasemusic & DJ E-Z Rock(R.i.P) that became a top 40 hit single and was later certified platinum by the RIAA. Since its release in 1988, the song has been covered and sampled by various recording artists. The music critic Stephen Thomas Erlewine of the All Music Guide said: “There are many critics and listeners who claim that Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock’s ‘It Takes Two’ is the greatest hip-hop single ever cut. It’s hard to disagree with them.” The music video “It Takes Two” was edited by Peter Lauer and Pam Thomas, who worked in MTV’s promotions department alongside Peter Dougherty, Ted Demme, and Mark Pellington.
The music video was filmed in 16mm by Steven Gladstone and Ilona Lieberman. Most of it was shot on a variety of 16mm Fuji Film stocks, using two standard 16 Bolex cameras that shared a single constant-speed electric motor.
The first scene, in which the DJ and the little boy are talking, was shot in a record store in Harlem.
The interior dance sequences were not part of the original production. The entire film “budget” was four 100-foot rolls of 16mm film, which did not result in there being enough coverage. This explains the use of the xerography, and the insertion of the shots from the dance hall that do not match the video.
The shot of a lone figure in a graveyard introducing the song (before the music starts) was indeed taken in a cemetery. There was no lighting budget, so the director of photography’s Volkswagen Bus, which had suffered a collision during travel to the shoot location, was driven to the gate of the cemetery, and the vehicle’s headlights were used to illuminate the shot. While the artist is reported to have paid the “producer” $5,000 for the video, the production crew remains unpaid to this day, and it is unclear how much, if any, of the $5,000 was actually spent on making the video.
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“It Takes Two”- Rob Base & Dj EZ Rock

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