Jay Z’s RocNation & LIU opens School, Music, & Entertainment in Brooklyn

Roc Nation wants to teach you about the entertainment business.

In the latest mogul move from Jay-Z, the hip hop icon and activist has teamed up with Long Island University through his company, Roc Nation, to launch the Roc Nation School of Music, Sports, & Entertainment. According to StarTribune, the school will be located in Jay’s hometown of Brooklyn and offer undergraduate programs in a wide variety of creative and business-centered pursuits. The school is already open for business, with potential students being encouraged to apply for the Fall semester of 2021.

With Hova behind this endeavor, the school is sure to offer a unique and dynamic educational experience. Professors at the university are said to be building lesson plans around lectures, guest speakers, and appearances from artists, athletes, and other prominent figures in music and sports. The school plans to offer every student a comprehensive set of resources that will include networking with people and companies that can help them in their careers after graduation.

Roc Nation also announced they will be providing scholarships, referred to as Roc Nation Hope Scholarships, to 25 percent of incoming freshman every year. Scholarship recipients are going to receive a full ride as well as additional support and mentoring throughout their college years.

Roc Nation CEO Desiree Perez issued a statement about the decision to invest so heavily in education, saying, “Pursuing higher education is an investment in one’s future. This partnership, envisioned alongside LIU President Dr. Cline, is a true investment in our community and young people in Brooklyn, in New York City and beyond.” She went on to say that the university intends to provide “unique insight, knowledge, and experiences for students and introduce the world to the next generation of unmatched talent”. As someone who built an empire out of nothing, Jay-Z is certainly doing his best to give others a leg up in the world.

Statement issued by Desire Perez, CEO of RocNation

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