It was on this date Sept 17, 1991 Hip Hop Duo Nice & Smooth released thier Second Studio Album “Aint A Damn Thing Changed”

Ain’t a Damn Thing Changed is the second studio album by American hip-hop duo Nice & Smooth, released on September 17, 1991 via Rush Associated Labels and Columbia Records. Recording sessions took place at Unique Recording Studios and Power Play Studios in New York CityProduction was handled primarily by Gregg Nice and Smooth Bee, except song “Paranoia” produced by Louie VegaAin’t a Damn Thing Changed spawned four singles: “Hip Hop Junkies”, “How to Flow”, “Cake & Eat It Too” and “Sometimes I Rhyme Slow”.

Professional Ratings

Track listing

All music is composed by Gregg Nice & Smooth Bee, except track 5 composed by Louie Vega with co-production by Nice & Smooth.

No. Title. Length


2.”Cake & Eat It Too”3:48

3.”Down the Line” (featuring Preacher Earl, Melo T, Bās Blasta, Asu & GuRu)4:17

4.”Sometimes I Rhyme Slow”2:525.”Paranoia”4:46

6.”Sex, Sex, Sex”3:40


8.”How to Flow” (featuring Pure Blend)4:25

9.”Hip Hop Junkies” (featuring Pure Blend)3:29

10.”One, Two and One More Makes Three”3:24

11.”Pump It Up”2:43

12.”Step by Step” (featuring Kisha Black & The Black Flames)3:19

Total length:41:15

Chart History

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