Stunts, Blunts & Hip Hop is the debut album from hip hop producer-emcee Diamond D, released on September 22, 1992. The album features some of the earliest appearances from Diamond’s later D.I.T.C. partners Big L and Fat Joe, as well as his crew the Psychotic Neurotics. Although Diamond D handles the majority of the album’s production, other popular beat makers such as Large Professor, Q-Tip, Jazzy Jay, Showbiz and The 45 King co-produce on several tracks. The album features the singles “Best-Kept Secret” and “Sally Got a One-Track Mind.” The album was not released on vinyl; however, there were promotional copies pressed with full artwork which were highly sought-after.[citation needed] The vinyl edition was eventually made available as a reissue years later. The original promo version has a sticker on it; the reissue had this sticker scanned into the artwork

Professional Ratings

In 1998, the album was selected as one of The Source’s 100 Best Rap Albums.[3]

Track listing

#TitleProducer(s)Performer (s)

1″Intro”Diamond D*Interlude*

2″Best-Kept Secret”Diamond DDiamond D, Bonita, Fat Joe, LaReese & Whiz One

3″Sally Got a One Track Mind”Diamond DDiamond D

4″Step to Me”Showbiz, Diamond DDiamond D

5″Shut the Fuck Up”Diamond D, ShowbizThe Psychotic Neurotics

6″F What U Heard”Diamond D, Sadat XDiamond D

7″I’m Outta Here”Diamond D, ShowbizDiamond D

8″A Day in the Life”Diamond DDiamond D, Brand Nubian

9″Last Car on the 2 Train”Diamond DThe Psychotic Neurotics

10″Red Light, Green Light”Diamond DDiamond D

11″I Went for Mine”Jazzy Jay, Diamond DDiamond D

12″Comments from Big L and Showbiz”Diamond DBig L, Showbiz

13″Check One, Two”Diamond D, The 45 KingDiamond D

14″What You Seek”Diamond DDiamond D

15″Lunchroom Chatter”Diamond DThe Psychotic Neurotics

16″Confused”Diamond DDiamond D, Michelle Sweeting, Jasmine

17″Pass Dat Shit”Diamond DDiamond D, Whiz One, Maestro, Mike G.Q., Fat Joe

18″Freestyle (Yo, That’s That Shit)”Diamond D, Large ProfessorDiamond D

19″K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid)”Diamond D, Q-TipDiamond D

20″Stunts, Blunts & Hip Hop”Diamond DDiamond D

21″Wuffman Stressed Out”Diamond D*Interlude*

22″Feel the Vibe”Diamond D, ShowbizDiamond D, Showbiz23″A View from the Underground”Diamond DFat Joe

Samples credits

“Best Kept Secret” samples “I Can Hear You Calling” by Three Dog Night and “N.T” by Kool & the Gang.

“Sally Got a One Track Mind” samples “It’s a New Day” by Skull Snaps and “Sparkling in the Sand” by Tower of Power.

“Step to Me” samples “Sam Enchanted Dick” and “Born to Be Blue” by Jack Bruce and “Fight Back” by Solomon Burke.

“F*ck What You Heard” samples “Alvina” by John Handy and “Show Business” by A Tribe Called Quest.

“I’m Outta Here” samples “Gotta Get Away” by The Flambing Ember.

“A Day in the Life” samples “Virginia’s Pretty Funky” by Watsonian Institute.

“I Went for Mine” samples “Faded Lady” by SSO.

“Check One, Two” samples “Stop” by Mike Bloomfield, Al Cooper and Stephen Stills.

“What You Seek” samples “You Can Make It If You Try” by Sly & the Family Stone.

“Confused” samples “Intimate Connection” by Kleeer.

“Freestyle (Yo, That’s That Shit!)” samples “Footin’ It” by George Benson.

“K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple, Stupid)” samples “American Tango” by Weather Report.

“Stunts, Blunts & Hip Hop” samples “Almustafa the Beloved” by Billy Cobham.

“Feel the Vibe” samples “Bad Tune” by Earth, Wind & Fire.

Album Singles


Single Chart Position

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