Freddie Gibbs Has Been Banned From Instagram, Again

Gangsta Gibbs considers launching an OnlyFans to share the wild and unruly content that he typically posted on his Instagram Story.

It’s always a game of Russian Roulette when you open up Freddie Gibbs‘ Instagram Story. There’s a chance you could watch a wholesome moment between Gibbs and his two kids but there’s probably a better chance that you might witness some of the foulest sh*t on the planet. Even Gibbs tests his luck whenever he shares new content. 

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Unfortunately, it appears that, once again, he has pissed off the Instagram Gods. The rapper turned to Twitter where he revealed that he was banned from IG, declaring it an “end of an era.”

“I just got banned from gram,” he wrote. “Instagram banned me when I got my super powers,” he added in reference to the recent winter solstice

In a year where many people have turned to OnlyFans for supplementary income, Freddie suggested that he might turn to the platform to share the wild content typically found on his IG page. “I’m bout to do like these hoez and start a onlyfans,” he added

Gibbs’ account has previously faced disciplinary actions by Instagram. He’s been shadowbanned, along with being banned earlier this year. He previously stated that Instagram called him personally to let him know that he fucked up. “U know it’s fucked up when Instagram call u and tell u that u banned,” he tweeted at the time.

Fortunately, Instagram isn’t the only platform with this type of feature. Though OnlyFans might be a new option for Gibbs, Twitter’s recent Fleet feature appears to be the second-best thing to IG. 

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