Drake Offers Some New Year’s Thoughts On “Self Work”

Drake Offers Some New Year’s Thoughts On “Self Work”

Drake with some words of wisdom to kick your year off.

It is January, all. It marks the beginning of the year but for fans of Drake, the countdown officially began for Certified Lover Boy. We’re inching towards the three-year mark since the release of Scorpion, an album that ushered in a new level of maturity for Drake. However, there’s been plenty of people wondering what he might do next. Dark Lane Demo Tapes offered a bit of insight into CLB but not enough to dictate what sonic direction Drizzy will head into next.

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In the years of Drake‘s dominance, he’s dabbled in all sorts of genres from afrobeats, dancehall, grime, and reggaeton. However, even with so many sounds in his wheelhouse, the rapper’s pen remains his strongest suit. Fans, ultimately, want to hear him rap, or at least, share some poetic thoughts that will hopefully relate to their own lives. Earlier today, the rapper shared a screenshot from his iPhone notes as he reflects on the relationships he maintains in the new year.

Now, it’s unclear what prompted this stream of thought at the wee hours of the morning but clearly, Drake’s had a lot on his mind entering into 2021. 

Check out his post below

Can’t love someone more than they love themselves
Can’t respect someone more than they respect themsleves
And def can’t want more for someone that they want for themselves
That’s all self work

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