Ebro Shares Interesting Take On Lyrical Rap

Ebro Darden takes a moment to reflect on rappers who prioritize lyricism over production and overall sound quality.

Ebro Darden has never been shy to share a hot take or two, especially when it comes to the current state of the rap game. As one of the prominent names in hip-hop media, Ebro’s word carries weight, even if you might not agree with his assessments. And in the wake of this latest one, put forth earlier today on his Twitter page, it’s likely that many will take issue. Especially given that the criticism seems to center around lyricists in lieu of the typical “mumble rapper.” 

Ebro Darden

Andrew Toth/FilmMagic/Getty Images

“A lot of ya’ll Rappers sound like shit because you think your lyrics are more important than the producer & engineer…” writes Ebro, though he doesn’t provide examples of what he’s describing — nor whether there was a catalyst that triggered it, to begin with. From the sound of it, he’s speaking strictly about the sonic quality of a given song, though that didn’t stop many from sliding into his comments in a frenzied state. Especially given the expected narrative that suggests lyricism is dead, with rappers relying increasingly on beats and post-production processing effects. 

Of course, it should be noted that even lyrically-focused emcees should not be immune to criticism. Not to mention the fact that Ebro’s take is actually solid advice for upcoming rappers, especially those who underestimate the importance of a listenable mix. Still, that hasn’t stopped some from arguing his point, further evidence that hip-hop fans take their bars extremely seriously. Check out his message below, and sound off if you think he’s speaking facts.

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