PnB Rock’s girlfriend’s world was turned upside down the day he was murdered … but she says his actions saved her life, putting her under a table and out of harm’s way.

Stephanie Sibounheuang posted a lengthy caption on Instagram Thursday, her first time speaking since PnB was gunned down inside a Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles restaurant a month ago.

Steph says, “I am 100% not ok. If I wasn’t spiritual I could kill my self (but then I’ll go to hell and my man not there).” She then reveals PnB pushed her under a table while shots rang out, “I’m not supposed to be here but bc of him. I am.”

In her post, Steph also reveals a heartbreaking detail from the tragic day, saying, “My last day with u. I told you “I know you my husband. I know you my soulmate” Even it was for a little bit. At least we got to experience what having a soul mate is… and for that…I am grateful.”

As reported, 3 people have been arrested and charged in connection to PnB’s murder.Cops say Freddie Lee Trone and his 17-year-old son spotted PnB enter the restaurant before the son followed him inside, shooting Pnb during a robbery to get the rapper’s jewelry.

Shauntel Trone, the 17-year-old’s stepmother was arrested for accessory to murder for the crime.Steph closes her post, “They say your angels come and stop by and visit you but I feel like mine is always here, it ain’t no stopping by … Pain is real. No matter how rich u are, how famous u are, how spiritual u are. Some pain is inevitable.”

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