Nicki Minaj & Latto Trade Words, Spill Hot Tea Everywhere After Grammys Category Shuffle

Nicki Minaj is quickly becoming one of the most toxic people in Hip-Hop. Whether its beefing with Cardi B, or a blogger or other female rappers, she’s been getting into it a lot this year. Nonetheless, with the success of her “Super Freaky Girl” single, and the fast selling Rap Snacks Nicki Minaj chips, she continues to show that she is the biggest female in the Hip-Hop game. On Thursday, October 13th, the latest target for her wrath: Latto. The Nicki Minaj and Latto beef seems to date back a few months, which dms revealed, but fans are just finding out how intense this beef really is.It all began with Nicki Minaj airing our her frustrations after finding out that her single “Super Freaky Girl” had been removed from consideration for Rap categories by the Grammy because they deemed the song to be a pop song.

The move was obviously petty. But to Nicki, who was clearly frustrated, she felt like fair was fair. She even provided some clarity with her later tweets.

But mentioning Latto directly could easily be seen as throwing her under the bus. By the time word got to Latto it had ruined what was a good day to that point, after being nominated for 3 American Music Awards earlier in the day.

The first tweet she shard on the matter was this:

Sad to see, but then she addressed Nicki Minaj directly after Nicki shared a DM that the two had shared.

At this point, the Nicki Minaj and Latto beef was real and it would only get uglier from here. Nicki Minaj is an experienced Hip-Hop veteran with years of this to show for herself, so she’s moving like an expert in this social media beef and it shows.

Poor Latto is obviously just hurt. Sad when your idols become rivals.

Nicki Minaj continues with the name calling.

Going out sad. will keep you updated if more developments arrive

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