Rapper Tsu Surf arrested on federal charge in NJ

NEW JERSEY – Federal authorities on Thursday arrested rapper Tsu Surf on a federal RICO charge in connection with a DEA case, Hiphopraisedmetheblog.com has learned.

The U.S. Marshals Service NY NJ Regional Fugitive Task Force busted Tsu Surf at a home in Jersey City, sources said. Tsu Surf was at the home with a woman. They tried to go out the back door but then when they went outside, they saw that there was a lot of law enforcement, sources said. He and the woman went back into the house and refused to come out for about an hour.Authorities called in crisis negotiators, who then talked with Tsu Surf until he peacefully surrendered, sources said.Tsu Surf was taken to the Essex County Jail. The feds have a contract with the county to keep federal detainees there. He is expected to go before a judge in federal court in Newark sometime Friday. 

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