NEW MUSIC ALERT: Cam’ron, Ma$e & Jadakiss Release Their First Single, “Gorilla Lion Hyena”

The highly anticipated new single from the 3 Headed Monsters, Cam’ron, Mase and Jadakiss has been unveiled. The trio released the song to little fanfare on Friday October 14th. With no chorus, just bars, the song finds Cam’ron leading things off with Jadakiss following and Ma$e closing things out on “Gorilla Lion Hyena.”


The song comes just days after it was revealed that the 3 Headed Monster tour, which was supposed to launch on the 19th of this month, had been cancelled.

Listen to the Gorilla Lion Hyena song below:

The song is said to be the first track off an upcoming joint project from the trio. They’ve been teasing it for weeks, to coincide with the tour, but now that the tour has been cancelled there’s no word if the album is definitely still coming.

Interestingly, the single has only been featured on Ma$e’s social media as of Sunday afternoon. Cam’ron appears in the comments on Ma$e’s post, but he has yet to post the song on his own profile. Jadakiss hasn’t appeared to acknowledge the track at all despite all three rappers appearing on “Gorilla Lion Hyena.”This all comes after a very public back and forth between Ma$e and Diddy on social media. Remains to be seen what happens next.

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