Social Media has a new face, Queens rapper & influencer Zipwitthedrip.

Fresh home from doing 18 years in prison for charges unknown but once told a story of protecting his brother and his life from a individual who taught them some valuable lessons of life and death. Them same lessons came back to bite him in the a**. It was one of rare occasions where the student outshined the master. had the distinguished the pleasure of coming across a video of a individual under the name of @fleeanitus stating he only been home for 48 hours.

He began to spit a freestyle describing the 18 years with bars of fury. The pain in his voice displayed the ability to convey an experience that isn’t for the weakest of men.

The substance in his content was a reminder to those who shared the same fate, and also a guide for the youth who may be headibg down the wrong path. The metaphors & the accuracy made us follow and see him become the sensation he is today.

Meet Zipwitthedripp, Mr Lets Get To That. The one of the realest brothers to hit the net. His energy is a sight to see and if you took any notice to social media you can clearly see his Influence on a number of other influencers throughout social media.

He’s short in height but his voice is raw, raspy, aggressive. His stories and his views are so honest and authentic you can’t help but root for him to win.

Tap in & follow him & get a dose of that dope!!!

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