Exclusive: E-40 Reveals Snoop Dogg Inspired Hip-Hop Supergroup Mount Westmore To Drop Their Debut Album In The Metaverse

Standing on the Mount Rushmore hill of Hip-Hop are trailblazers E-40, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, and Too Short.

Supergroup: The West Coast talents joined forces to create the supergroup Mount Westmore in 2020 and released their highly anticipated album “Bad MFs” during the summer of this year.

What’s more, the album was released as a non-fungible token (NFT) in partnership with the blockchain-based platform Gala Music.

The metaverse opens a new medium to reach fans unlike ever before and E-40 encourages artists to “adjust to the times” before the times “turn on you.”

This is why the rap group decided to no longer be a bystander but instead collaborators in the metaverse for their debut project.

“You gotta adjust to the times or the times gonna turn on you,” E-40 told AfroTech exclusively. “I’m also in a group called Mount Westmore with Snoop Dogg. Ice Cube, and Too Short. We put out an NFT album, which is in its own space. Our traditional fan base has never heard any of the songs, but we are dropping an official album with additional songs on there. So I just want to tell our fan base to stay tuned, don’t think we’re leaving you hanging.”

E-40 also said the decision to venture into the Web3 space was heavily inspired by Snoop Dogg’s success in the metaverse. Among his moves, Snoop Dogg acquired Death Row Records and vowed to make it an NFT label, as AfroTech previously mentioned.

“It was just only right because when you talk about NFTs and stuff like that, Snoop Dogg’s name pops up and he’s been successful. So, it was only right as a group to try it out cause this is what Snoop’s been doing. We did that because we do understand there’s a new way of doing things these days and the industry has changed so much.

That’s just like many years ago they said, ‘Man, it’s gonna be only streaming,’ ‘Man ain’t gonna be no hard copies.’ ‘Ain’t gonna be no physical CDs anymore.’ I had to adjust to the times. I had to make sure that I don’t get lost in the sauce.

”Mount Westmore is making sure to stay true to the times and most importantly its fans. In fact, they have another new album on the way.The album “SNOOP, CUBE, 40, SHORT” will hit the streets on Dec. 9.

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