50 Cent has responded to his son Marquise’s offer to have a “sit-down” to resolve their long-standing issues, but it most likely wasn’t the answer the younger Jackson was looking for.

Earlier this month, Marquise told TMZ he was open to having a meeting with his estranged father in hopes of “understand[ing] each other a little bit better” and “restor[ing] the situation.”

It came after the 26-year-old complained 50 Cent’s $6,700-a-month child support payments weren’t enough to sustain the New York City lifestyle he had become accustomed to, reigniting their feud.

The Get Rich or Die Tryin’ rapper gave Marquise an answer during an interview with The Breakfast Club on Wednesday (October 19), where he made it clear he doesn’t believe his son’s request was genuine.

No, he doesn’t [want a sit-down],” 50 said. “See, Charlamagne, you would call me. You don’t call TMZ to say you want to sit down. Think about it, man. He wants some attention, and it’s ok, he can have as much of that as he wants.

“What you heard him say in that interview, that’s what he’s been trained to believe for a long time. You don’t flick up and say, ‘Oh, I don’t believe what I’ve believed in forever.’ When I said that he’s entitled, really it’s his mom’s entitlement that’s been filtered.”

50 Cent then pointed out that he was initially paying Marquise’s mother, his ex-girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins, $500,000 a year, yet she still demanded more. That’s when 50 took the matter to court and was ordered to pay just $6,700-a-month (almost $81,000-a-year) in child support.

“I told you I was giving her half a million dollars a year. At that point, she still was expecting more,” he continued. “This is why I took her to child support. You don’t usually sign up for child support; I took myself to child support ’cause she wasn’t understanding that I’m already giving you more than you supposed to get.

“Then, when it turns into the $6,700, that’s not enough and it’s never gonna be enough. But remember me constantly coming to you and talking to you about, ‘She don’t want to get a job!’ She didn’t hear me.”

50 later claimed he always took care of Marquise’s child support, even if it meant moving some of his money around, but ultimately he believes their relationship is unlikely to be repaired because it’s based on money, not respect.

“If you’ve mailed someone $1 million and they have zero respect for you, how much you think you gotta give ’em before they have a little bit?” he asked the Breakfast Club crew. “I don’t think the relationship works.”

He added: “You’re talking about a kid that’s not even a kid; he’s 25 years old. You know what my issue was at 16? They wanted to charge me as an adult then. So you look and you go, ‘When are you gonna figure it out?’

“They act like they got money; they ain’t got no money. The house that they stayed in in Atlanta foreclosed on them before they left. A complete mismanagement of the money you was being sent… He was in Queens working in Van Wyck, he’s a hookah boy!”

50 Cent previously trolled Marquise over his child support complaint in an Instagram video posted on October 13. The theatrical clip found the Power mogul watching TV while relaxing in the tub in a German hotel when his son’s comments were introduced as “breaking news.”

“This n-gga’s crazy,” 50 barked while turning the TV off in disgust. “You’re 25 years old; why are you still talking about child support?!”

50 later answered a knock at his hotel room door to find his comrades Uncle Murda and Tony Yayo. “You know I don’t ask you for shit, man, but I was thinking,” Murda asked. “Could a n-gga get a little extra $6,700 a month?

”50 replied: “You n-ggas play too much” while laughing.

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