Noxmen Committee own Marz Money returns with a new visual for his anticipated single “Coke Rappers K”.

Around 4 months back Marz took a stance against the content of many of his fellow emcee’s still rapping about selling crack/cocaine. One in particular was Pusha T.

Marz took to social media to share his views & disdain for the rappers lyrical content. The hoopla of Pusha’s T new release urged Marz to take jabs at the maturity of this emcee’s lyrics. Marz pondered upon Pusha T’s validity in braggin about a lifestyle that caused death & destruction in the ghetto’s of America.

So in competitive spirit Marz dropped a visual dissing rappers still pushing a drug dealing narrative especially after being in the industry over a decade or so.

The substance in Marz’s Pushin T spreads his message and verbally chastise Pusha T & rappers alike. Marz never disappoints when he drops music and you too will become a fan watching the hardwork he puts into his craft.

Not to mention he’s really saying something Now Tap in & Get a dose of this dope!!!

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