Fivio Foreign Ridiculed Over Halftime Performance During Brooklyn Nets Game 

Fivio Foreign was heavily criticized for his sketchy set during the halftime show which was plagued with technical difficulties.

Fivio Foreign caused a stir online with his halftime performance during the Brooklyn Nets‘ season opener. 

The NYC rapper began trending on Twitter on Wednesday evening (Oct. 19) following the unfortunate show where he performed during the Brooklyn Nets’ home opener against the New Orleans Pelicans.

However, while Fivio tried his best to get through his set, the equipment worked against him. Although he persisted with his medley of hits, he struggled to stay on time with the backing track.  

Fivio also experienced technical difficulties during his performance at the DONDA 2 listening party earlier this year.  

Fans were quick to share their thoughts online, with many criticizing the B.I.B.L.E. rapper, and the show’s technicians.

  “Fivio Foreign is doing the halftime show for the #Nets and it’s like he’s trying to perform the songs after just hearing them for the first time five minutes before.”

“If you watched that Fivio Foreign halftime show in Brooklyn, you may be entitled to financial compensation,” one fan complained.  

Another called Fivio “the worst performer I’ve ever seen in my life btw.” 

If you’re illegally streaming this Nets game you know that this fivio foreign halftime performance is one of the worst things in history” 

Another Twitter user slammed the show, writing, “Worst halftime show I’ve ever seen, the f### is Fivio Foreign doing????” 

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