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B.o.B. Calls Out Flat-Earth Critics On His New Song ‘Ted Talk’

B.o.B. is back with a new song that addresses all the people who judged him based on his beliefs that the Earth is flat.

On Tuesday, October 25, the North Carolina native dropped the video for his new song “Ted Talk.” The video begins with B.o.B. interviewing himself in a talk show-style setting. He continues by explaining why he made the outrageous claims six years ago. He also rehashes the backlash he received and all the gigs he lost out on over the years because of it. At one point, he appears to regret saying anything about the the theory but then he proceeds to defend his actions.

First of all don’t call me woke I seen the shit they was plotting,” he raps. “They put Neil Tyson on TV to make a mockery of it/Yo, these shows be owned by Viacom and they friends, Why would I walk into the lions den and sit and pretend like they ain’t threatened by my mind?/Because I ain’t gonna comply, I mean if I said the sky was purple would it have been such a crime?”

This is the second song that B.o.B. has released that mentions his flat Earth claims. After he went on a rant about the debunked theory, he dropped a track called “Flatline,” which was meant as a diss track toward physicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson. He went in on Tyson after he publicly denounced the rapper’s rant. “Ted Talk” comes a few weeks after the “Nothin’ On You” rapper first teased his response to the critics he’s had over the years during an interview with TMZ. B.o.B., who was born Bobby Ray Simmons, denied claims that he is anti-Semitic following a protest at the University of Central Florida over a show he was performing at during the school’s Welcome Week.

B.o.B.’s new song is expected to appear on his upcoming album Elements. Watch the music video for his new song above.

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