Takes Back DV Claims …

Chrisean Rock is reversing course, taking back her claims of an attack at the hands of Blueface and now saying she was “on a bad trip” … and that he actually rescued her.

Chrisean says she blacked out and was trying to jump out of their car on the highway, and that Blueface was pulling her back into safety. She also says she was the one hitting him. In other words, she’s completely changing her tune on what happened here.

Blueface’s girlfriend, Chrisean Rock, appears to have accused him of domestic violence — capturing the alleged aftermath on camera … and it echoes of Rihanna and Chris Brown.

CR started an Instagram Live Saturday night that shows her breaking down and complaining following some sort of altercation she says went down in the car — one she alleges resulted in her getting hit in the face, and being left bloodied.

Chrisean never points the camera at whoever it is she’s talking to, and never really names anyone specific either … but based on the voice on the other end and the back and forth they’re having on Twitter right now — it seems to be Blueface whom she claims did this.

The footage is upsetting … Chrisean is visibly shaken and cries at multiple points in her clips — which have since been scrubbed from her page. She tells the man she’s talking to that he’s “too comfortable” and alleges he struck her because she was texting another guy.

At one point, Chrisean defends herself against somebody accusing her of being suicidal. Sounds like she might’ve tried exiting the vehicle as it was moving after whatever happened … but she insists she isn’t, and just wanted to remove herself from the sitch.

Chrisean posted a photo showing off alleged injuries that she claims she sustained from this — including a busted lip, bloody nose and a black eye. She’s deleted that post too, though

We’ve called around L.A. to see if any police reports were taken over this or if anyone was arrested — but neither appears to have happened yet. On the bird app, Blueface and Chrisean are chirping at each other … with Chrisean repeating lines she mentioned in the video, including calling Blueface a “weird ass n****,” among other cryptic tweets about anger.

As you can imagine, a lot of her fans are devastated over this … believing she may be the victim of DV and pleading with her to report this and, more importantly, to leave Blueface.

Violence has erupted between and around them several times before … which is exactly why Lizzo’s costume of Chrisean was found not to be funny by many. Namely, a good amount of folks believe she’s on a dangerous life path with this guy … and encouraging/mocking their toxic behavior (even in jest) isn’t the move, especially by a mainstream celeb.

Ditto for a reality show documenting their obviously turbulent life together. We’ve reached out to Blueface’s camp … they had no comment.

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