The long awaited sophmore project from Da Invisible Man after a hiatus of nine long years has finally arrived

The year was 2013, Da Invisible Man released his debut Da Memoirs First Chapter during the times music was changing and missing substance. Da Invisible Man followed in the footsteps of many of his favorite hip hop artists such as JayZ, Too Short, Young Jeezy & Master P. By selling out the trunk, but in his case selling hand to hand throughout the five boros of New York City.

To say he was before his time is understatement because Da Invisible Man was one of the first to have music streaming during the shift of the music industry and social media as we know today but exactly when the world was transitioning. Da Memoirs First Chapter was selling like hotcakes as Da Invisible Man was starting to make a name for himself. With songs like “It’s Getting Lit, “Bang In The Whip”, “What it do”, & Getting Ready For The Summer”. Da Memoirs First Chapter was growing alot of legs.

The hip hop world had the distinguished pleasure of being blessed to be introduced with an artist who had the full package. Storytelling ability, dope concepts, starpower, and most importantly bars. Da Invisible Man began recording his sophmore project “ToldyallukantSeeMe” until January 20, 2014 while coming home from work he had to be rushed to the hospital for being victim of a shooting in the same neighborhood he grew up in. It was at the hospital Da Invisible Man died & had to be brought back to life twice.

Da Invisible Man woke up out of an acoma 5 days later to find tubes coming out of nose, neck, right torso, & private area. Instantly he knew he was here for a reason. He left the hospital two and half months later, and began a road of recovery. The trauma caused Da Invisible Man to go into a real deep depression as it was an uphill battle dealing with healing mentally & physically. All while still writing lyrics and creating songs from different accounts of his life. The music became his therapy and he was determined to tell his story.

3 years ago Da Invisible Man began dropping little hints of his upcoming project “ToldyallukantSeeMe” visuals for the intro song was released. A song entitled “The Slogan (ToldyallukantSeeMe)” produced by a talented producer from Brooklyn named Maine Streets from a Maine Street Beatdown, shot by Austin How’d Da Invisible Man was seen at the famous Graffiti Tunnel on 191st in Washington Heights inspiring many other artist to follow suit.

The Slogan (ToldyallukantSeeMe) – Da Invisible Man shot by Austin How’d.

Da Invisible Man worked with Austin How’d on another video inspired by the legalization of marijuana Da Invisible Man released “Cloud 9” ft Biggahood right in time for 4/20. “Cloud 9” hit a staggering 1,037,163 views & counting proving Da Invisible Man is an artist to watch. The video created shock value and not to mention the song was really catchy

Da Invisible Man moved on to release other singles such as Good Things Comes To Those Who Wait” ft Biggahood, “Must Be The Vibes”, “Old Flames”, & groundbreaking single “No Support” with a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr sample on the chorus. The visuals was shot by Glenn Don a young hungry videographer fresh out of school who had an idea once he heard the song and they both created a master piece on some thought provocative type vibe.

Da Invisible Man announced the release of “ToldyallukantSeeMe” with 24 tracks of what he considers his journey as a fan we couldn’t wait to hear what he had in store, the tracks that stood out the most were “All my Life” ft Sæ, No Support”, “My O.G. Lied To Me”, The R&B song “Like I Love It, ” Real Ones” & many more. Its great to hear Da Invisible Man is back at it and still pushing dope music out here. we give this a five star 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 rating!! but we like for the fans to decide. So tap in & get a dose of this dope

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