Westside Gunn Breaks Silence on Conway The Machine’s Issues with Griselda Contract

Conway The Machine admitted to never reading his Griselda Records contract, noting “the contract wasn’t in my favor.” The rapper noted there wasn’t any friction between him and the label, saying he and Westside Gunn could figure something out. Now, Westside Gunn has broken his silence on the situation mentioned by Conway earlier this year.

While speaking to Rolling Stone, Westside Gunn noted, “That’s my brother. That fool’s son is my nephew. If you ask that man now if I owe him a penny…that shit got twisted and screwed up.” Gunn then spoke about the contract issues, saying, “They tried to blow it out of proportion like I robbed my brother. And what he was saying was he never read the contract, which he didn’t. That’s my brother, but he can’t ever say I cheated on him.”

The rapper then provided more context, saying, “That’s why you see, ain’t s**t stop. We still been on tour since that came out, and we have done every festival since that came out. We’ve been on each other project’s since that came out. If somebody robbed you, why would you do that? My brother’s a grown man; he wants to be a boss and have his chapter. Why not?”

Gunn then pushed for people to stay out of what he calls “family business,” as families sometimes have disagreements. “The negative narrative, that’s what people love. That’s what they want. And I’m trying to tell people, put this shit in bold letters: it’s never happening. Griselda is forever, can’t be stopped.”

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