A slap in the face’: ‘SNL’ slammed for having Dave Chappelle as host

“Saturday Night Live” is facing backlash after it was announced comedian Dave Chappelle will host the show Nov. 12.

Chappelle, who was slammed for making statements about the trans community in his 2021 special “The Closer,” was revealed as the host through the show’s Twitter account.

“Wait I thought I canceled him. Is it possible cancel culture isn’t a real thing,” tweeted ex-Netflix employee Terra Field.

Field, who was co-vice president of Netflix’s transgender employee resource group, resigned from the streaming platform in November last year in protest over the comedy special and later led a walkout, according to Newsweek.

“Having Dave Chappelle host SNL again is a slap in the face to trans people, including one of their own new cast members,” tweeted another. “What the h–l Lorne?!”

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