Kanye West’s New Flame Puts Tiny Waist On Display

Kanye West has a new girlfriend and of course, she’s adding stunning photos to her Instagram profile. This time, she’s showing off just how little her waist is.

Kanye West’s new flame posts on Instagram
Juliana Nalu AKA Kanye West’s new 24-year-old girlfriend has taken to Instagram to share some photos of herself looking fierce as ever.

The photos feature Juliana as she stares into the camera. She is wearing her long, dark hair down around her back. Her makeup look is lowkey but still packs a powerful, glam, punch.

As for her outfit, it seems that Kanye West could’ve dressed her, as he tends to do for all of his girlfriends. This time she’s wearing some ultra-baggy, light-wash denim stuffed into knee-high black boots. She finishes the interesting yet casual look with a tiny, yellow and green crop top that says “Brasil” which is the Portuguese spelling of Brazil. This is clearly a nod to the fact that she is Brazilian – and goes right along with the caption she added.

“Ela é patrimônio desse país,” is the caption she writes with the post which roughly translates to “She is the heritage of this country.”

Juliana Nalu | Youtube

Needless to say, the 24-year-old looks stunning as her little crop top and baggy pants show off just how small her waist really is.

Putting her butt crack on display?
Of course, now that Juliana Nalu is dating Kanye West, she is getting some extra attention on social media. It seems that despite everything Kanye West has done or no matter what is said about him, Juliana is standing up for him and using her large platform to do so. Her post on November 6 is a great example of this.

Juliana posted a series of photos on her Instagram where she seemingly made her butt crack fashionable. Her entire outfit in the photos is black. This includes her top, her leather pants, and her matching, elbow-length gloves. The pants she chose to wear are very low-waisted, putting her butt crack on display. She wore her hair in long braids.

However, the caption for the photos was the real kicker and seemingly a jab at any Kanye West haters.

“Why u so mad?” she writes with the photos.

It seems likely that Kanye West also styled this entire look.

Do you think Kanye west and Juliana Nalu are meant to be? Let us know in the comments if you think they will last. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more updates on all of the drama happening with the Kardashian family.

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Kanye West’s new girlfriend is loving the attention
Juliana Nalu is obviously loving the attention she’s been getting from the paparazzi. She even removed the option to have comments limited on her Instagram posts. Interestingly enough, no one has mentioned her blossoming relationship with Kanye West. She wore the revealing outfit while on a date with him.

Kanye West was also spotted during the sighting. He wore a white zip-up hoodie with a beige T-shirt and gray pants, which he tucked into dark gray boots. Even though Kanye said he was giving up women for 30 days, he appears to be smitten by Juliana. He’s been through his share of relationships in the past year alone.

What are your thoughts on Kanye West’s new flame showcasing her butt crack on Instagram? Do you think it’s appropriate? What do you think of their relationship? Sound off below in the comment section.

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