‘Empire’ Star Bryshere Gray Arrested AGAIN After Woman Makes New Abuse Claims

Former ‘Empire’ star Bryshere Gray is once again embroiled in legal drama.

Full story below…

TMZ reports that the 28-year-old has been arrested after allegedly violating his probation in the wake of pleading guilty to aggravated assault last year. And the latest infraction centers on assault allegations too

She says they were romantically involved, however “his behavior was escalating and she was concerned for her safety.”

In the shocking filing, the woman alleges Gray threw a box of food at her and pulled her hair. He’s accused of verbally abusing her too.

According to authorities, Gray did not declare this along with a separare domestic disturbance in October to his probation officer. Thus, triggering the probation violation he’s been arrested for now. A warrant was issued and he was ultimately arrested. Check out his latest mugshot above.

As of writing, he remains in jail.,

Gray’s previous abuse case saw him sentenced to 10 days behind bars in 2021 and three years probation. Still, despite this, his issues clearly persist

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