Lil Durk Affiliate Lamron Quan and KD Allegedly Killed Each Other in North Dakota

According to reports, Fargo police are investigating a shooting that left two people dead early Saturday morning. The shooting allegedly found two men killing one another after an argument that went down near North Dakota State University.

The shooting happened on the 1000 block of 15th Street N. around 3:15 AM, and police found both people with gunshot wounds. One neighbor went on to note he was awakened by screaming and arguments between multiple people. While unsure if the argument was between two men or a man and a woman, the neighbor noted there were three gunshots. Police said the two men knew each other in a release but gave no further information.

It was speculated that the men involved were Kierre “KD” Davis and Lil Durk affiliate “Lamron Quan.” Stay tuned for more updates

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