To Juice New Music Vid

The comment section for Don Toliver’s new music video reads like a Russian Bot Farm — at least that’s what the internet thinks … accusing his label of attempting to juice his stats.

Here’s the deal … Atlantic Records is under fire on Twitter, with a ton of people reading into the engagement numbers for a bunch of its artists — specifically, on YouTube, where some feel like the data ratios for new projects just aren’t adding up (likes to views, etc.)

DT’s video for his song “Do It Right” — which was posted just a few days ago — is the prime example being hoisted up on the bird app as supposed evidence of fakery that’s alleged to be afoot … most notably, in the comments, where many see telltale signs of phony fans.

You can go check it out for yourself — there are a lot of strangely written comments that have flooded this upload in the past 48 hours, with more and more pouring in with strange spelling, unconventional capitalization and grammatical errors. Others make no sense at all.

Plus, there are a lot of comments that have posted nothing but emojis, which are also seemingly jumbled together at random. When you click on some of these profiles, it looks like their accounts are relatively new and have only one comment … for Don’s ‘DIR’ video.

Indeed … it certainly comes across as bizarre, and some — including media personality DJ Akademiks — have made outright allegations of this happening on a mass scale at Atlantic.

There are other Atlantic artists who’ve been lumped into this phenomenon, and none appear to have addressed it just yet … including Toliver. It’s worth noting — while some point to the comments and seemingly lopsided engagement stats on their own as proof, there’s no real smoking gun that we can find. This mostly amounts to people speculating and theorizing.

Still, we’ve reached out to both Atlantic and Toliver’s camp for official comment … so far, no word back.

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