Blueface and Chrisean Rock aren’t sweating his arrest for attempted murder … ’cause they partied their faces off last weekend, just days after he was in handcuffs.

The rapper couple attended two different events in Phoenix on November 18th and 19th. The first was hosted by CR at a club called Monarch, where she brought out her BF … the 2nd was helmed by Blueface himself at a joint called Tru Ultra Lounge.

TMZ obtained video of the latter — and as you see, only good times are on their minds … as Blueface and Chrisean raged, drank, danced and even performed.

Blueface got on the mic at one point, and Chrisean boogied down. They looked pretty tight throughout the night … sneaking in kisses and cozying up. You’d never know he’d landed in some boiling hot water just days earlier.

As we reported … Blueface was arrested Tuesday in Vegas for attempted murder, where undercover cops swarmed in, taking him into custody in dramatic fashion.

He bailed out the next day and is due back in court in January. BF doesn’t seem concerned, and ditto Chrisean. She’s been fully in his corner since the arrest.

As for the attempted murder allegation … we’ve learned there was an altercation in October where Blueface is alleged to have fired a gun at a guy who was fleeing a strip club after a joke was taken the wrong way. Blueface is in the video, allegedly firing the shots. Cops say the alleged victim was grazed by a bullet.


Blueface has been quiet about it all, but he’s speaking rather loudly through his actions. Definitely adopting a Timon and Pumbaa mindset — at least from the outside looking in.

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