Cardi B Goes Toe-To-Toe With Comedian Nicole Arbour, Twitter Sounds Off!

Cardi B is battling it out with comedian Nicole Arbour online. Twitter users are reacting to drama and it’s getting a little aggressive.

Cardi B Fans Want All The Smoke
The rapper was called out on Twitter over the weekend for promoting her husband, Offset’s latest single, where he raps about gun violence. Cardi posted a clip of the new song and video where one-third of Migos was dressed as The Joker and holding a machine gun while rapping. Comedian Nicole Arbour found the video and Cardi’s promotion of it to be atrocious seeing as Takeoff was just murdered senselessly with a stray bullet during an altercation. “Man… few weeks after his cousin was murdered over a dice game… Offset’s making new music about shooting people and shooting places up. Not a single thing was learned,” tweeted the comedian. This triggered Cardi to go on a tweet storm and the back and forth between the two began.

Cardi B Is Threatening Nicole Arbour

The “Bodak Yellow” rapper made it clear she has no time for Arbour or any of her comments on the culture. “The fact you trying to use the death of some1 I love to get clout is crazy …..I’m not going to do none of that ….I’m just going to pray for you,” she wrote on her own Twitter page but she commented up a storm in Arbour’s comments. Including a threat about the comedian’s mother joking about “she is going to die”. The comedian took the threat seriously and hit back at the “WAP” rapper where it hurts; “Oh I said what I said,” she writes. “Even if that video was made before it happened, you STILL don’t see what’s happening? When u promote senseless violence in a community, you GET senseless violence in a community It’s sad af that all these young guys are dying, something has to CHANGE.”

Twitter Is Coming For Blood

The comedian and the rapper have their teams in their corner and no one is backing down. “My eye is twitching for violence…I must contain myself,” wrote Cardi. “DON’T DO IT GIRL!!! You have come so far and too much to loose. Ignore them like paint on the wall. The best clap back is success! Shine on!” supported a fan.

Why do you guys glorify this behavior from Cardi B but call anyone else a bully for acting like this?” asked one follower, clearly disgusted by the rapper’s behavior. “Thoughts and prayers to Cardi’s mother because that innocent woman has so much bad karma and energy coming her way,” wrote another follower. Others believed that Arbour is desperate for a higher level of fame and trashed her for using the rapper’s death as a way to attack someone who is still technically grieving. “You wake up thinking about Cardi. OBSESSED.” Others educated Arbour on the type of rap she seems to be so offended by and kindly told her to mind her own business. “@NicoleArbour Goodmorning. You can’t pick out one female rap artist & start saying their music promotes violence, this that & the third. The style of music u talking about is drill. #Cardi don’t always rap in drill. Cardi never dropped her first hit single as a #drill artist..

Fans Reminded Nicole Arbour Of Past Indiscretions

The comedian thought she was going to be praised for slamming someone in a field of work she knows nothing about, in this case, she decided to accuse Cardi of photoshopping her into racist videos, specifically one showing Arbour telling white people to “arm” themselves when looting and protesting was occurring during the George Floyd protests.

I don’t even have a Facebook and @iamcardib is posting “racist” posts from my Facebook page to millions.

Y’all see what these people do if you talk any sense? Try and smear you, scare you, threaten your family. Of course you’re covered in #Balenciaga The devil workin through u — Nicole Arbour (@NicoleArbour) November 28, 2022

But you are racist high key, dear black people ring a bell?” asked a follower reminding Arbour of her past work.

But you are a racist NOT because of anything Cardi said you’ve been a racist.” “YOUr RACIST ASF AND CARDI IS RIGHT! Trying to act like a civil rights activist ho u ain’t did shit for the black community! If you really want to stop gun violence, START FOCUSING ON WHY THESE LABELS KEEP SIGNING FELONS AND RIVAL Gang members! Picking on a grieving family out of hate.” Meanwhile others are seeing the bad in what Cardi has done as well. “So when are you’ll gonna call @iamcardib out for mental illness or yall just pick and choose and she always delete her tweets pathetic,” insinuated one follower of the trend. “Everyday I pray for Cardi’s career to end disastrously, and seeing the recent events unfold, it seems that, the Fates are on my side. With this, I will forever uphold the mission that was placed upon me by the Almighty. The ending of Cardi B is near and I will make sure of it.” “Cardi b one evil nasty bitch I would never Stan or support a bitch that evil in my life like how can Bardigang tolerate this nasty evil behavior from that woman??? Like ewww a heartless piece of shit.” Yikes this is messy AF. Which side are you on?

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