Pete Nice Calls 3rd Bass Group Mate MC Serch A “Liar”

“He’s a legend in his own mind!”

Pete Nice and Mc Serch at Newark Symphony Hall. Mc Serch wearing a pinstripe suit and holding a cane. Pete Nice wearing a dark blue sweater and glasses.
MC Serch (aka Michael Berrin) and Primeminister Pete Nice (aka Peter Nash) of the Rap group 3rd Bass appear in a portrait with Rapper Zev Love X ( aka Daniel Dumile; MF Doom) taken on April 7, 1990 backstage at Newark Symphony Hall in Newark, New Jersey. Al Pereira/Getty Images/Michael Ochs Archives

Pete Nice had a few choice words for his former 3rd Bass partner, MC Serch, following his recent comments about how the group broke up.

The 55-year-old believes his estranged trio member is a liar and not worthy of the status he has been given.

“That podcast that he just produced, he fronted like it was approved by [MF] DOOM’s wife and estate but it wasn’t,” the Floral Park, N.Y. artist said in a recent conversation with Rock The Bells. “He lied about writing for Rakim, he also lied about slapping Greg Mack when Hammer called into KDAY, and he says that I sat there quiet the entire time. He didn’t know that I have a recording where I’m the one talking the entire time, and he is trying to get Greg to go to a club to meet girls.”

Nice went on to clear the air about the success of their 1998 debut LP The Cactus Album, which Serch spoke about during his Nov. 27 appearance on Math Hoffa’s In My Expert Opinion. “He says that The Cactus Album gets 250 million streams per year, but when you check Spotify it has about 15 million.”

As for the album’s supposed re-release, the baseball historian said, “He can’t even get the rights back until I sign the paperwork. He has had lawyers contact me about it a few times, but the week that I get the first request, he released a diss record on me! It’s something about Far Rockaway, then at the end, there’s a really weak diss towards me. He’s a legend in his own mind!”

While this situation may be uncertain, MC Serch is preparing to cash out after selling his stake in Nas’s music catalog. He told AllHipHop, “For 27 years, it has provided my family through good times and bad. Now it’s time for a new chapter.” Nas rapped about the sale on “WTF SMH” from his Nov. 11 album King’s Disease III.

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