Jay-Z Reunited With Swizz Beatz In His Private Jet ‘New Hov & Swizz Collab Is On The Way?’

When people mentionening biggest hip-hop figures and GOAT’s, almost everyone include veteran rapper Jay-Z and one and only Swizz Beatz. This week legendary NY rapper Jay-Z and Swizz Beatz reunited in the private jet and they had some interesting conversation about their future plans, it’s not clear what was the real reason of their reunion but it seems they have some big plans on the way. Let’s check out Swizz and Hov in private jet.

Last night Swizz Beatz also shared more footages on his instagram page, Swizz shared a video where you will see he’s listening to jazz music. It’s good to see that Swizz Beatz is big fan of jazz, it’s fact hip-hop and jazz are very close genres and one of the popular and unique genres. So let’s check out Swizz Beatz in private jet listening to jazz and enjoying life.

Swizz beatz is not only one who’s enjoying his life, veteran G-Unit member Lloyd Banks reveals that he got over 106 Million streams this year on Spotify. Banks also says his goal for 2023 is to double those numbers. Let’s check out Lloyd Banks’s social media post and let’s congratulate banks this big and major success.

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