DJ Akademiks Continues Feud With Lil Baby, Calls Him ‘Short Bus Baby’ And Says He Has ‘Tourette’s Moments’

DJ Akademiks is not letting bygones be bygones when it comes to his feud with rapper Lil Baby. The 31-year-old media personality recently sat down for an interview on VladTV and wasted no time taking more shots at the “Drip Too Hard” rapper.

DJ Akademiks Responds To Lil Baby’s Disses On “From Now On” And “Top Priority”

The interview clip begins with Vlad addressing Baby’s diss toward Akademiks on not one but two tracks from his recent album, It’s Only Me.

Well, Lil Baby dissed you on his new album twice,” Vlad began. “The second one was sort of odd because I don’t think anyone ever debated you being richer than Lil Baby…”

DJ Akademiks responds.

My new nickname for Baby is Short Bus Baby. He’s clearly just not that smart, bro. Because of my history with him, he thought I was talking about him when I wasn’t talking about him. He hit me up privately, I explained to him I’m not talking about him — and he was still super upset. He would come with these nonsensical things where I’m like, ‘Okay, clearly this guy is either being wilfully stupid or maybe it’s just Short Bus Baby!’ I’m sorry to tell you. No one with half a brain would even think to discuss me and Lil Baby — it just sounds stupid to say out loud — like financially.

Akademiks then goes on to say that he didn’t take Lil Baby’s references to him as a “slight.” He just thought the 28-year-old rapper was being “stupid,” adding that he has “Tourette’s moments every now and then.”

Akademiks goes on to say that Lil Baby is “battling the Percs and a lot of demons.”

And by the way, I didn’t think that was a slight, I just thought that was him being stupid. He has one of those Tourette’s moments every now and then. You see him in the corner, he’s just punching at the air, he’s just flipping the water bottle. He’s battling the Percs and a lot of demons. I get it, wasn’t mad at that.

Akademiks Says Rappers “Will Never Win Versus The Media”

DJ Akademiks goes on to explain that rappers will never be successful when they decide to take jabs at the media. He says media representatives are essentially responsible for how rappers, and their careers, are viewed. As well as how “favorably” rappers are seen by the public.

Here’s the thing, I’ve said this to every rapper in the game: you will never win versus the media. I don’t know why rappers go at media; you’ll never win.

I get it, you got your social media at the center, but the media drives the narrative, the media gives the tint that your career is viewed in — your personality is viewed in. And I know a lot of rappers who don’t get certain types of looks or they’re not seen as favorably by the audience because they were assholes to journalists.

Akademiks goes on to use rapper Troy Ave as an example of his point.

You know why Troy Ave was in the situation he was in? He slapped up a couple of people from VICE. There’s a redemption arc, and I play the long game with every rapper. There’s a redemption arc when a rapper has realized they’ve been assholes and come back around. By the way, Lil Baby has not been an asshole.

Lil Baby previously addressed Akademiks on his album, It’s Only Me, released in October.

Really sturdy, a wall, n****a, can’t beat me / Akademiks know he ain’t as rich as me / Brodie ready to eat for a twenty piece / I ain’t got nothin’ to say to you mini-mes

Akademiks, n****s think they can’t get touched / I don’t be on computers much, CED turned me on to YouTube / I keep tryna tell em I’m different from what they used to

What do you think of DJ Akademiks’ latest comments toward Lil Baby?

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