… My Name’s Too Small

Jamaican dancehall legend musician Sizzla Kalonji broke the platinum disc DJ Khaled sent him into pieces, and set it on fire. In an Instagram post, the artist claimed that DJ Khaled had disrespected him and other Jamaican artists, alleging there were no pictures of the artists who helped him create a platinum record.

DJ Khaled’s recently launched album ‘God Did’ features Jamaican hip-hop kings like Sizzla, Buju Banton, Capleton, and Bounty Killer. One of the most popular numbers from the song is fused with Jamaican music and culture, and Sizzla thought DJ Khaled did not respect it after the success. He accused DJ Khaled had been using Jamaican culture for years but did not give the recognition it deserved.

Sizzla further added that the record DJ Khaled sent had his name printed so small that it required a magnifying glass to be legible. In a live Instagram session, Sizzla could be seen smashing the record into pieces, removing the pictures of children, and then dumping the pieces into the fire.

The font used to print his name on said plaques was way too small!!! 😂

It’s a pretty wild setup … Sizzla and several of his friends cursed Khaled as the devil, and also called the small print disrespectful towards Jamaica as a whole.

Khaled’s sons Asahd and Aalam’s photos were spared from the inferno — Sizzla says babies are “innocent” and he still refers to the boys as his godchildren.

Not sure that will still be the case after this stunt.

Fans in Sizzla’s Instagram comment section maintained his reaction was overblown — he’s been a valued Khaled collaborator for years.

Sizzla actually appears on the very first track of both Khaled’s “Grateful” and “Father Of Asahd” albums … and is featured on this year’s blockbuster “GOD DID” as well.

We reached out to Epic Records for comment on the torched plaques. No word back yet, but that’s gotta burn!!!

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