Tory Lanez Gets Major Break In Megan Thee Stallion Case After LAPD Cop Gets Fired

The officer who interviewed Megan Thee Stallion after Tory Lanez allegedly shot her will not be allowed to testify for prosecutors. Read more!

As the trial of the alleged shooting of Megan thee Stallion and Tory Lanez approaches, new updates on the case are being released.

According to a tweet by Nancy Dillion, a senior reporter at Rolling Stones (whose beat focuses on courts and lawsuits), the officer who interviewed the Houston rapper and Grammy Award-winner after the altercation will not be allowed to testify against the “Say It” chart-topper.

Dillion dropped the bombshell, which read:

“Tory Lanez Trial Update: LAPD Det. Ryan Stogner “relieved of duty” in last month, prosecutors reveal in court Lanez’s Atty. George Mgdesyan says on the record the “underlying” reason for dismissal was a DV allegation Prosecutors say no charges filed & they won’t call him @ trial

A follow-up post revealed, “Mgdesyan says Stogner, who was the investigating officer who interviewed Megan The Stallion after the shooting, is a critical witness for the defense. He told the court he plans to call him under the theory Stogner ‘botched’ the investigation. Judge says he would allow.”

Detective Stogner is the officer that Megan thee Stallion told Lanez allegedly shouted, “Dance, b####!” before shooting her in the back of her feet, Rolling Stone reported in 2021.

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