Black Twitter Collectively Laughing Our Ass Off After Finding Out Lil Fizz Is Selling Booty Hole Pics For $26

Lil Fizz is going to get this money, whether its on tour or on OnlyFans. The singer/rapper and former B2K heartthrob is all over OnlyFans, getting to it by any means. Earlier this year, we featured a Lil Fizz leak, when he was launching his OnlyFans page. He’s trending again, several months later for another leak. Lil Fizz is selling booty hole pics for $26 on the platform, and the pics are floating all over Twitter.

Black Twitter is obviously in stitches over the news.

Social media reacts to Lil Fizz selling booty hole pics

Thoughts on the Lil Fizz pics and news???

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