Rick Ross has upgraded his brunch area in a major way with the addition of a custom table made from an airplane engine.

On Thursday (December 15), the Biggest Bawse took to Instagram to share a video of the new piece, noting how it was his idea. And never missing a moment to promote, he was also sure to plug all of the spirits brands he and his colleagues are involved with

Yo, you my family! I wanted you to see this,” Rozay started. “I just had my table delivered; been waiting on this a long time. Guess what I did! This is my amazing brunch area, but guess what we did? I bought a motor from a 757 airliner. That’s right, an airplane! A 757 airliner. Had the blades polished, had the lights inserted. I can change the lights any color I want to.”

“Had the table top – the top glass – cut. This is custom,” he continued. “This is a Ricky Rozay customization. A Ricky Rozay request. And this brunch area is just for enjoying the finest spirits. Of course Luc Belaire is number one, McQueen, Bumbu, Avion. Right in front of one of my favorite fish tanks that you could see on both sides of the wall. And wow we pulled it off. Shout out to my team. It’s amazing.”

He wrapped up by telling fans to message him if they wanted to know how much he paid for it.

The addition comes following Ross’ decluttering of his 109-room Georgia mansion. Showing off an excess of clothes, sneakers and accessories he’s collected over the years, Rick Ross made sure to note he wasn’t a hoarder because he was getting rid of the all the items as opposed to holding on to them.

Perhaps he’ll be enjoying a meal with his girlfriend Pretty Vee at the table, as the media personality just confirmed her relationship with the MMG rapper.

It’s the boss,” Vee said on a recent episode of REVOLT‘s Black Girl Stuff talk show when asked what she liked about her man. “I think it’s the boss in him. I just think he’s like, you know, I like guys who lead. So when you’re a leader, you can step to me, you know?”

She added: “But again, when it comes to Ross, Ross is the type of person who you look at and you just admire, you’re inspired by. Like, I wanna do what you’re doing, so teach me. So in the back end, I’m a student to the game as well.”

Meanwhile, Rick Ross recently purchased a watch so valuable it had to be delivered to him in an armored vehicle.

In a video posted to his Instagram Stories in October, Rozay showcased the armored vehicle driving through the front gates of his sprawling Promise Land estate, with a security guard leading the way.

Ross then showcased the watch itself, a $1.5 million Mystery Tourbillion watch from Jacob & Co. Rozay noted the watch was “beautiful” and “flawless.”

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