Lazaro Martinez who goes by the stage name of Lazaris The Top Don. He comes from the Royal family bloodline of Dons, who are greatly considered to be a part of the Musical Dynasty. This Master of Ceremony from South Bronx, the Hunts Point & Fort Apache area who became an original and dedicated Puerto Rican & Cuban artist. Besides being the nephew of the legendary Arsenio Rodriguez, he has made a name by being the best version of himself.

As a young kid. Lazaris’ mother would play music from his uncle Arsenio’s music all through his childhood and teenage years. That influence planted a musical seed within Lazaris, who would later evolve into a vicious emcee and a force to be reckoned with.

Lazaris, the top don, was exposed to local HipHop pioneers such as DJ Kool Herc, Coke La Rock, Kurtis Blow, and many of the early trendsetters from the South Bronx. Who created a phenomenal genre of music that would later spread and become popular throughout the Five- Boroughs of New York City.

Lazaris The Top Don earliest influences from the pioneers helped shaped and develop the burning desire to express himself musically. At the tender age of 9, Lazaris began owning his skills by entering the local battle circuit. By taking his craft serious, Lazaris would battle the hardest emcees and became very successful in executing victories

In 2008, he got his big break and records played on Eminem’s radio show. He was also hosted in Legendary Cipher, a special slot run by Styles P from the Lox Dblock Ruff Ryders, who was rating all the unsigned Masters of Ceremony (MC) then. He was rating them in respect to their records and creativity.

Shortly after that, in 2018 Lazaris The Top Don dropped the singles “Swerve“and, “Crossfire“. In 2019 he dropped the single “Cash Out“. In 2020 He dropped three singles “Sure Shot” , “No Blasphemy” featuring Raze The Ratchet & “Lights Out” songs made a massive impact on his listeners, and his first mixtape caught more than 10K downloads. In That motivated him, and he kept moving to date. Within the same year Lazaris The Top Don dropped an independent album titled Svccess in his path volume 1.

It was within this time frame was first introduced to Lazaris The Top Don. It was his unique voice and ability to pierce through your speakers with a conventional hip hop flow with a more modern boom bap sound. We were blown away by this emcee’s skillset and was instantly became a fan. In 2021 Lazaris The Top Don dropped three more singles “Im Coming” accompanied by Cory GunzLegend Of The Dog“, “Dont Frunt” along With Castle Money Beats

2022 Lazaris The Top Don fed his fans with more heat by dropping the singles “Love Dont Matter” with fellow emcee Party G The Humble, “Swipes” , and his latest single accompanied by Dyce Payso “Knock It Off”

We at had the distinguished pleasure of sitting down with Lazaris The Top Don and got in depth on his influences career etc First & Foremost I must say congratulations for making it to Artist To Watch Spotlight!! Do you feel like Hip Hop Raised You??

Lazaris The Top Don~I know hip hop raised me i come from the south bronx hunts point area and also from a family blood line and descent of music a actual family of Dons From cuba all the way to the bronx & manhattan. ~ Ok so what was the first Hip Hop song to make you fall in love with Hip Hop music??

Lazaris The Top Don~ Coke la rock and dj kool herc song & of course south bronx by krs one How old were you at the time

Lazaris The Top Don~ 10 years old when i started this thing called hip hop You ever been to a park jam??

Lazaris The Top Don~ A few even with coke la rock the father emcee. Grand master kaz and grand master theodore was present as well. Can you describe your experience attending that park jam.

Lazaris The Top Don ~ An experience like no other the energy and craft of the essence and core of hip hop lives there and the net work marketing is on a different level of understanding the foundation of hip hop Who did you grow up listening up to????

Lazaris The Top Don~ Coke La Rock , Krs One Rakim, Kool G Rap , Big pun , jadakiss, Jay z Nas & Wu tang clan Were their any Dj’s you listening to?

Lazaris The Top Don~ Kool Herc , Dj Kay Slay Dj Red Alert are you listening to now

Lazaris The Top Don~ I listen to every thing all forms and generes of Music inspired you to get into music?

Lazaris The Top Don~ It’s from my family blood line and decent it’s come from the line of dons in my family both my uncles and great grand father Tell me a little about this project??

Lazaris The Top Don~ This project is my second album ( The Life Of A Don) and a master piece it will give you the story of south bronx kid who made it to the majors from the under ground and became legendary for what he does on the mic this album picks up off from where my 1st album titled ( svccess in my path vol1) available on all dsps leave off abd shows why im next to represent the bronx and latino emcees at that. What can the listener expect from this project??

Lazaris The Top Don~ A classic album from the story of A cuban rican don out of the south bronx that moves like a goodfella and motives the people and a artist who paints so vivid his albility catch the attention of the masses by making listening to his true words and Any features we should be looking out for ?

Lazaris The Top Don~ Lots of features on this one , cory gunz , dyce payso , the army , party g , cruz blazin , born crisis Ynvs on here conan and brook , my cuzin on this project mbz look out for him the new michael jackson amazing production on here some major producers as well The Legend Cover Cod beats , The Beat Phantoic , Kaz from umbrella studios , Da inphamus amadeuz & Ty Bandit Is there anything new on the horizon ?? Do you have upcoming shows?

Lazaris The Top Don~ All my shows filled up starting from Dec 4th until 16th im booked for events with my manager universal queen nena at universal Queen Nena Managament you can see all my shows and progress via my instagram at @lazaristhetopdon please Do Follow me & Get intuned with The Dons Life What advice would you give someone trying to get in the musice business??

Lazaris The Top Don~ Make sure you have a 3rd & 4th back up plan have a budget make sure you know how to properly register the music can the people find you??CAN THE PEOPLE FIND YOU??

Lazaris The Top Don~ On instagram @LazarisThetopdon
On twitter lazarisdatopdon Any shout outs you would like to give?

Lazaris The Top Don~ Shout Out To God first for blessings Then My Label Top Don Empire. IGETATEM , The ,Army my uncles for there contribution to all afro latino music and coming from a musical dynasty shout out to my manager Universal Queen Nena Managment shout out to Da Inphamus amadeus , Lord Sear the whole army bro and promoter Don 2 Real

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