EXCLUSIVE: XXXTENTACION Murder Suspect Suggests Drake May Have Been Involved

In court documents obtained by Hiphopraisedmetheblog.com, Dedrick Williams’ attorney cites lyrics from Drake’s music that appear to address the late rapper.

XXXTENTACION was shot and killed outside of RIVA Motorsports in Deerfield Beach, Florida in June 2018.

One of the suspects, Dedrick Williams, is now suggesting Drake is somehow connected to the murder. In court documents obtained by AllHipHop, Williams’ attorney, Mauricio Padillio, cites lyrics from Drake’s music that appear to address the late rapper.

Specifically, “On BS” from Drake’s latest album Her Loss in which he raps: “Maybe I should break that 10, do a five, then if it gets live, do a five again/If he held his tongue on that live, he’d be alive again, damn/I never put no prices on the beef until we end this s###.”

The docs also cite the 2018 Scorpion track, “I’m Upset,” which feature the lyrics: “SMS, triple X/That’s the only time I ever shoot below the neck (Skrr)/Why you keep on shootin’ if you know that n-gga dead? (Skrr).”

Williams and his legal team believe the beef between XXXTENTACION and Drake started in 2017 after the OVO Sound founder released the song “KMT.” X accused Drake of stealing his cadence and began harassing him on social media.

He later claimed he was hacked after being warned to leave Drake alone. Padillo also alleges Drake has ties to several gang members, including alleged JungleBloods Street Gang member Top5 who was arrested for murder in 2021.

In February 2021, Hassan Ali was arrested and recaptured at a Hollywood fast food outlet after removing his ankle monitor and fleeing to Los Angeles California,” Padillo says. “[Drake’s] residence is located in Beverly Hills, California. Prior to his arrest for murder, [Top5] appeared on a podcast by DJ Akademiks and declared openly ‘I am Drake’s shooter. I’m not lying. Anyone disrespect Drake, I am
shooting.’ That was said openly and aired for millions to view on DJ Akademiks’ podcast.”

Williams and his team also accuse 600 Breezy of being involved. The Chicago rapper, a close friend of Drake’s and alleged Gangster Disciple, posted an Instagram video in which he claimed to be in X’s neighborhood with a gun.

“Previous to traveling to South Florida for the express purpose of threatening, intimidating and/or attacking [X], [600 Breezy] posted himself brandishing what looks like a gun in a post where he states that as soon as he is able to travel he is going to travel to confront [X]. He goes on to say that when he
mentioned it to [Drake], he just shrugged instead of telling him don’t do it.”

Finally, they alleged Drake is affiliated with the Zoe Mafia Family gang, which the other three defendant’s in XXXTENTACION’s case—Robert Allen, Trayvon Newsome, and Michael Boatwright—are believed to be a part of, as well.

The docs go on to mention Migos’ alleged attack on XXXTENTACION.

Despite the allegations, the State is attempting to strike all of the famous rappers’ testimonies, including Drake’s, a clear sign the State isn’t buying the claims.

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