Yung Miami is making it loud and clear that both her and Diddy are on the same page in their relationship.

The City Girls rapper sat down for an interview with Hip-Hop Enterprise on Thursday (December 15), and was asked about the biggest misconception when it comes to what her and Diddy have going on

The word “side chick” has been thrown at her a lot in recent weeks following the birth of the Bad Boy mogul’s newest child, but Miami is reminding naysayers once again that the shoe doesn’t fit.

“People think that I’m like a side chick and he just do whatever he want and I’m just head over heels. No it go both ways,” Yung Miami said. “Ain’t nothing one sided over here

Miami previously addressed the label when Akademiks used it while discussing Diddy’s newest addition to the family – and she let both Ak and any other critic know that she won’t stand for the slander.

“I’M NOBODY SIDE BITCH LETS JUST MAKE THIS CLEAR ON THIS GOOD MONDAY! I don’t come 2nd to no bitch!” she said. “Akademiks my name ain’t dick so keep it out your mouth!!! You the type of N-gga my uncle doing life sentences for BITCH ASS N-GGA!!!!!

Bitches be like ‘I can never’ I can bitch & that’s the difference,” Yung Miami continued. “Diddy won’t even look half of y’all bitches way! Majority off y’all praying upon a falling star bitch plssssssss!!!!!!! & I’m not mad I’m trending NEXT! I don’t want a man cause all y’all’s be in my dm.”

In a rare occurrence, Diddy himself also addressed the fodder and echoed Miami’s sentiments

“@yungmiami305 is not my side chick,” he wrote in a series of tweets. “Never has been, never will be. She’s very important and special to me, and I don’t play about my Shawty Wop. I don’t discuss things on the internet and I will not start today.

“So think what you want,” he continued. “But know that if you do something to hurt mine, I’m gonna to come to your house and we’re gonna talk about it like human beings. LOVE.”

He also apparently checked Akademiks behind the scenes, as Ak later came out and said he was “wrong” for labeling Miami Diddy’s side chick.

“Diddy even DM’d me today. Diddy, I’m not no player hater,” he said on a recent Twitch stream. “I love you so I’ma just fall back outta this one, I ain’t even gonna get on it crazy like that.”

Akademiks didn’t outright apologize for his comments, but he did retract his earlier statement and instead called Yung Miami a “queen.”

“She’s been reading comments, Diddy. I don’t know what to do! She’s been reading comments now, she’s on everybody’s head — it’s not only me,” he continued. “She a queen, I love her. She not no side chick no more.”

Diddy welcomed his sixth child, Love Sean Combs, in October. He announced the news in a tweet last Saturday (December 10), though he didn’t name the new baby girl’s mother. TMZ got its hands on the birth certificate, however, and revealed her to be a 28-year-old cybersecurity specialist named Dana Tran. Neither party has addressed the nature of their relationship.

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