Amber Rose had Murda Mook on the ropes over comments he made on Drink Champs, with the Harlem rapper getting caught in a contradiction.

Mook, Rose, and Loaded Lux all stopped by N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN’s podcast for a special Christmas Day sit down, and got into it for a moment when Mook claimed that having “no talent is the new talent.

I got a saying: Having no talent is the new talent,” Mook said, before launching into some bars that specifically appeared to criticize women for getting famous of sleeping with rappers.

“Think about it, having no talent that’s the new talent,” Mook rapped at the 75-minute mark. “I saw a bitch on red carpet and I said tell me what you do/ She said, ‘I’m pretty I pierced my clit, my titties, my belly button too/ I twerk for the Gram my videos get a hella bunch of views.

That’s very fucking cool but tell me what you do, it’s disgusting/ Hoes winning be the image they pumping/ Bitches getting famous off of famous n-ggas they fucking.”

While Amber Rose initially seemed to be in agreement with Mook, she had a few questions for the “God Tier” rapper. “Let me ask you a question,” Rose said. “But what’s the problem?”

“Nothing,” Mook replied. “I ain’t have a problem with none of that shit. I just report the news.”

Ok but you just freestyling,” Rose snapped back. “But we believe it. But is it a problem? Like do you feel some type of way?”

“No, ’cause y’all ain’t got nothing to do with it,” Mook replied. “It’s just what I see. Think about it right? It’s a talent in itself though.”

Rose then pushed Mook further asking who he “blames” for talentless people, specifying whether it be the female or the “consumers.”

“Ok, let’s say me, Kim Kardashian … like it should never be a conversation amongst men because it’s like you have to then blame the consumer because these girls, us, are known as not having talent but we make a lot of money.”

Mook went on to retaliate by saying he never referred to women as “hoes” and that he was just reporting on what he was seeing.

What I’m trying to say is those are derogatory labels right? So like think of a white man calling you the n-word right?” Rose said. “Those are derogatory labels right? But as people of color we feel some type of way, but when it comes to men and women, a lot of men don’t feel some type of way about the derogatory labels that are put on women especially Black women or women of color.

“That’s why I asked you: When you say ‘Ho’ what you mean?”

Rose concluded that derogatory labels should only be used with significant others in a romantic situation and that labels like “Hoe” shouldn’t be thrown at women in general because it makes them uncomfortable with being sexual or confident.

“If you love us as women you should completely just not say those derogatory labels at all,” Rose said.

Mook replied: “I feel like men can be hoes, but white people can’t be n-ggas.”

Exactly,” Rose interjected. “You just proved my point is what I’m saying right?..It doesn’t have the same derogatory feeling when you say it to a man.”

The comments are no surprise considering Amber Rose has been a vocal advocate for women’s rights since 2015, when the 38-year-old became the leading face and voice of the SlutWalk movement, an annual march in Los Angeles that protests rape culture, supports victims of sexual assault and seeks to stamp out “slut-shaming.”

Most recently in June, Rose dropped off an empowering new rap single called “GYHO,” which simply translates to “Get Your Hoe On.”

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