Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks have kicked off the new year together with the release of a brand new track titled “Rocket Chamber” — check it out below.

The new collaboration hears the former G-Unit colleagues tearing up the beat produced by Reasonable as they let off rhymes about standing against the competition and protecting what’s theirs

I’m heading up again/ Hating just fuels my rocket chamber/ Few n-ggas cloned the flow happy to be my doppleganger/ I pocket a stainless, cool, take it hung on my closet hangers,” Lloyd Banks raps.

Yayo then jumps in with a verse that highlights how things go down in his hood. “It ain’t roses or unicorns where I’m from,” he raps. “Lil n-ggas stack trophies on they face they bodies on/ Project Squid Games for cocaine/ You get an extra belly button from the FN.”

The song follows Banks and Yayo’s last collaboration “Don’t Switch,” which features on Blue Hefner’s most recent album, The Course of the Inevitable 2. Tony Yayo’s last official single as a lead artist came in 2011 with “Haters” featuring 50 Cent, Roscoe Dash and the late Shawty Lo.

Although he hasn’t been releasing music like Banks has over the last few years, Tony Yayo still has a big presence in the Hip Hop game with all the interviews he’s been doing as of late. His most notable conversations have come via VladTV, such the time he admitted to having a bounty on his head and sharing how 50 protected him and other members of G-Unit.

One recent interview with ThisIs50 saw Yayo claim 50 was a better boss than JAY-Z because of how each of them treats their respective artists. The “So Seductive” rapper used Uncle Murda as an example, stating while he was signed to Roc-A-Fella in the mid-2000s, Hov never did anything close to what 50 has done for him.

“That’s why I respect him because we have more of an assist,” Yayo said. “We have 50 Cent so I knew I was okay. He sold 11 million records I’m gonna get a percentage of his fans. I’m good. He had the kind of more do it on his own. He had deals with JAY-Z and them but JAY-Z ain’t gonna never… I always tell them all the time JAY-Z ain’t treating you like this n-gga.”

Yayo continued: “I’m just telling you how we get treated. I’m quite sure Hov and a lot of artists they treat some of their artists maybe good, maybe not. I’m just telling you how we get treated. I don’t know [if] JAY-Z ever had him in the Armani Hotel.”

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