Rick Ross is building a brand new fish tank worth $1 million inside his mansion, and he wants his fans to bask in the glory with a sneak peek at its construction.

The Biggest Bawse took to his Instagram Story this week to showcase the new addition to his home, which happens to be a cylindrical fish tank apparently worth seven figures. In the clip, the room is covered in brown flooring paper with the fish tank stationed in the middle.

Rozay gives his viewers a mini-tour before asking if they’ve ever seen an aquarium quite like it. If they haven’t, the MMG rapper assured them they would get the opportunity very soon.

“Yo, have you ever seen a million-dollar fish tank?” he asked his followers. “You will in a few weeks.

Rick Ross is no stranger to lavish purchases. Last month, he upgraded his brunch area with a custom table made from a 757 airplane engine.

“I just had my table delivered, been waiting on this a long time,” Rozay said in a clip shared online. “This is my amazing brunch area, but guess what we did? I bought a motor from a 757 airliner. That’s right, an airplane! A 757 airliner.

Had the blades polished, had the lights inserted. I can change the lights any color I want to. Had the table top – the top glass – cut. This is a Ricky Rozay customization.”

His spending habits aren’t just limited to his home, though. In October, Ross purchased a $1.5 million Mystery Tourbillion watch from Jacob & Co. that was so valuable it had to be delivered in an armored vehicle.

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