Erick Sermon has revealed that he spent part of 2022 at a rehab facility, where he fought to overcome an addiction to opioids.

The EPMD rapper shared a heartfelt post on Instagram on Saturday (January 7), in which he revealed that he was seven months sober after seeking professional help to battle a drug problem he had not previously addressed publicly. While he “changed [his] entire life” as he worked through his addiction, Sermon said his family has also been dealing with his mother’s stage 4 cancer diagnosis.

“2023 WOW. so blessed to have lived this long,” Erick Sermon wrote. “Life isn’t guaranteed so don’t take it for granted. I’m fresh out of rehab . 7 months clean from opioids..During this time my moms was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer liver kidney and chest. Changed my entire life around.”

He continued: “My family is being attacked from every angle but the devils a liar. I’m believe that my GOD has us.. time to move forward in a loving manner. Without love it doesn’t work. Believe me Through all of this I love life I just wanna find a different way to function in it. Blessings ppl.”

The Def Squad leader did not specify how much time he spent at the treatment facility or how long he’s been home

Fans and friends including Scram Jones, Kevin Liles, and Rockwilder flocked to the comments to congratulate Erick Sermon on his sobriety; a comment by DJ Scratch made it apparent that those close to the rapper/producer knew about his addiction.

“I’m so happy you finally went & got some help. I’m proud of you @erick_sermon,” Scratch wrote.

In addition to the personal news, Sermon also reconfirmed the forthcoming release of Dynamic Duos — his first full-length project since 2019 — which he said will be released via Liles’ 300 Entertainment.

“Oh yeah. My new project on the 300 label coming SOON,” the post read. “Don’t ever think I’m gonna stop. DYNAMIC DUO S. u never heard anything like this before.”

Sermon last spoke of the project early last year after a studio session with Dr. Dre. The Green-Eyed Bandit shared an Instagram post of himself with his friend of over three decades, announcing that they were working together for the very first time.

“I got to L.A a day before the #superbowl ..then 2 days after that was his bday…after that .. the #sagacontinues,” he wrote. “We worked on my new project #DYNAMICDUOS … the next day he called @snoopdogg we made something epic for him .. then we made something for him after. I think lol. Then he says Erick .. that’s 3. What’s next ? GOD doesn’t make mistakes.”

Erick Sermon then expressed his gratitude for the ability to even link with Dr. Dre and admitted he’d been struggling with his mental health while tagging Saweetie, producer Focus… and several others in the post.

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