2 Chainz Discovers His Late Father’s Old Stash Of Cash In His Basement

2 Chainz’s got plenty of money between his music and his other business ventures, but he was still shocked to find even more cash hidden in his own home.

On Wednesday night, January 25, Tity Boi took to Instagram to reveal an old bag of cash that apparently belonged to his late father. In a video posted to his Instagram Story, the “Rich As F*ck” rapper explained that he hired a crew to fix a busted pipe in his basement. After they wrapped up the job, the team brought 2 Chainz the bag, which was full of rolled up bills

Quick story,” 2 Chainz said in the video. “I had a busted pipe in the basement. They fixed my basement and they found…I guess this is my pops old stash of cash.”

The College Park, Ga. native lost his father back in 2012 just as his solo career was blowing up. Last July, he recognized the 10-year anniversary of his pop’s death in a touching video he posted to Instagram. In it, you can see him wipe his eyes before he reflected on his dad’s life

My dad died ten years ago today,” he said. “Still be thinking about him too. You know if you lost a parent that shit don’t never get old. You go big though.”

2 Chainz has been open about his father’s past hustle over the past decade, and previously shared how he influenced his iconic career. He doesn’t share exactly how much of his dad’s cash was recovered. Nonetheless, it’ll definitely make for a great story for his three children and his future grandchildren.

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