With claims of his pending solo retirement still looming, Styles P has dropped the first of what he says will be his last two projects, Penultimate: A Clam Wolf Is Still A Wolf.

The 13-track project is his first outing since 2021’s Ghosting and features tracks like “Death Before Dishonor” featuring Brady Watt, Pressure”, “Porsche Lights”, “What You Want To Do”, “Good Morning Good Evening”, the Bucky-assisted “Blood Money”, and more.

As for him stepping away from the mic, he said that although he doesn’t plan to release solo music after his next project, he’ll still collaborate with The Lox and show up on features. “Of course you will see me In the spots and of course I’m going to keep pushing the movement when it comes to health,” he said on Instagram last year. “I just gotta go figure a better way to do it and not harm myself mentally nor inconvenience others anymore. As far as any juices for life business goes I will plug you with one of my partners and the job will get done! The people need their health. Never forget, the message is always bigger than the messenger!!! So if you know the way, spread it . That is all that counts!!”

Enjoy his latest solo outing below

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